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New Floor Screeds & Coving Detail (Loxtons Foods)

Case Study: 
Loxtons Food Factory - New Floor Screeds & Coving Detail

At Loxtons foods an old and worn out food factory had to be refurbished in three weeks. Most of the internal walls were knocked down and rebuilt. MSC were responsible for installing new floor screeds and coving detail. There were prep areas to be finished in green and cooking areas to be done in red. 

Loxtons foods were extremely pleased with the work and were able to start producing products for Virgin Rail 1st class and Iceland Frozen Foods just four weeks after the building works were started. Further floor screeds work for this client have been completed since and are on-going.

Please contact Tom Leigh - Contract Manager via our number at the top of the page for more information.


Most of the floor was resurfaced in Grip-Seal PU screed at 9mm thick and 100mm high coving detail around the perimeter of the floor. This is a steam cleanable anti-slip resin screed specifically designed for the food industry. MSC installed bespoke stainless steel drains in the floor. We have these manufactured to specific sizes for each job. They are 'industry standard' to take fork lift truck traffic in the food environment. MSC also installed a new floor in a blast freezer. This entailed excavating the existing concrete to sub floor level and power floating Top-Rock AA fibre filled concrete to critical falls. This floor is twice as strong as normal concrete and reaches its cure strength in two days as opposed to a month with normal concrete.