Case Study #35

Anti-Slip Factory Flooring Case Study

What They Needed

A large factory in North Wales had issues with slippage between the machines. There was a large quantity of oil and metal swarf present. This was both covering and penetrating the existing concrete flooring system, and making the environment both dirty and potentially dangerous. Replacing the existing floor with an anti slip factory flooring was made more difficult by both the timeframe – we needed to complete the process over a weekend as the factory was not able to close – and the machines themselves, which needed to stay in situ.


What We Did

We installed a large area of anti-slip factory flooring. This involves vacuum shot blasting the floor to get a key. The floor was primed with an oil tolerant epoxy primer. We then apply a multi-layered resin and quartz aggregate system. This was only around 4mm thick, but is sufficient to make the improvements. This will take the weight of pallet truck traffic, remain anti-slip even when oily, and be cleanable and chemical resistant to the liquids on site. Due to the factory’s time constraints, the system had to be installed in different areas over several visits.


Anti slip factory flooring image after flooring renewal



Client Feedback

The client was happy with the time we were able to complete the warehouse flooring in – working around their schedule. The anti-slip factory flooring helped prevent a potentially dangerous work environment.