Case Study #28

Daniels Chilled Food LTD Case Study

What they needed

Daniels Chilled Foods Ltd in Kent is a producer of food stuffs. As a result, they have to abide by certain health conditions in regards to their premises. Due to years of regular wear and tear, they had various sections of the floor failing and coming to the attention of the EHO (environmental health officer). The floor was cracked and housing potential micro bodies that needed to be cleaned out.

What we did

Maintenance Contracts quickly determined that we did not need to repair the whole floor system, as much of it was undamaged. MSC worked over a weekend to cut out the sections in question and reinstate them in polyurethane resin screed.

We don’t always install full floors. We can repair and reinstate areas of that have been damaged and resin seal into the adjacent floor.

Client Feedback

The job was completed in time and within budget to a satisfactory standard.