Case Study #4

Morrisons Case Study

What they needed

Prince Build LTD are one of the principal contractors working for the large supermarket chain Morrisons. They contacted Maintenance Contracts to help them solve an issue that was particularly pressing in time. In laying concrete slabbing, one slab had cured quicker than expected. This left a very uneven and potentially dangerous surface as a consequence. The short time scale of the greater building project meant that the contractors were not able to re-excavate and re-lay the slab while keeping to the agreed timetable.

man levelling the floor


What we did

Maintenance Contracts used our understanding of floor levelling technology to propose a solution. We proposed using a grinder to diamond grind the surface into a more level state. Then, we pumped a Webber Industrial Screed over the whole area. This required a variable depth of pumping, between 5mm and 15mm, to ensure that the area was finished to a super-level quality. We achieved this in one day – allowing the project overall to continue on track and the timetable to be achieved.

floor levelling


Client Feedback

The job was completed in time and within budget to a satisfactory standard. Clearly everyone was thrilled with the job and MSC can expect more work from these important clients in the future.