Diamond Floor Grinding

Diamond Grinding is an aggressive form of surface preparation prior to the application of a coating or a screed. Grinding is more aggressive than vacuum shot blasting and will remove thick layers of debris such as adhesive, tile grout and old epoxy resin.


For the diamond grinding floor preparation process hand held diamond grinders are used to remove paint and dirt from any surface to reveal a clean surface on which coatings and screeds can be applied. They are attached to a vacuum so as to create no dust.

MSC featues

Diamond Grinding is used when a thicker coating, layer of adhesive, or a thick layer of debris needs to be removed from a floor surface prior to the application of a resin coating, SL or Screed.

Planetary Diamond Grinding Main Areas

This is done with a triple headed diamond grinding machine. This will flatten the surface and remove any debris that remains on the surface.

Hand Held Diamond Grinding

This is done with hand held, vacuum assisted grinders that can work up to the wall edges and under machines where safe to do so. These reach the perimeters of the floor surface that the two machines below are unable to do.

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      Unfortunately we can only provide our services to commercial premises

      Case Study - Water World Anti-slip Resurfacing

      The tiled floor surrounding the pool at Waterworld was becoming very dated. As part of the refurbishment project the owner, Secret Millionaire Mo Chaudry wanted a surface that resembled a beach. After producing various samples the system was created.

      Owing to the tight schedule we vacuum shot blasted the surface on Sunday night and applied the DPM Epoxy Resin, The anti slip screed was installed on Monday morning. And sealed on Monday evening. The resin beach was allowed to cure all day Tuesday and was back in action on Wednesday lunchtime.

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