Automotive Flooring

Highly durable, anti-slip and chemically resistant – Our automotive workshop flooring deals easily with the rigors of high demand garages and workshops.

Automotive Flooring

Working garages are some of the most demanding environments a floor can endure. Aggressive chemicals, heavy impacts and frequent abrasion can quickly turn an inadequate floor into an ever-present hazard. The showroom side is not exempt from hazards either. Standing cars will leech chemicals from the tyres into the floor, resulting in a grubby and unpleasing appearance.

We’re specialists when it comes to all aspects of automotive garage flooring. We work with automotive companies and use the latest technologies to design a floor that works hard to keep the environment safe, clean and reliable. We take care of everything involved too, from preparation and installation right through to demarcation and the final polish.

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    Unfortunately we can only provide our services to commercial premises

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      Unfortunately we can only provide our services to commercial premises

      Case Study - Water World Anti-slip Resurfacing

      The tiled floor surrounding the pool at Waterworld was becoming very dated. As part of the refurbishment project the owner, Secret Millionaire Mo Chaudry wanted a surface that resembled a beach. After producing various samples the system was created.

      Owing to the tight schedule we vacuum shot blasted the surface on Sunday night and applied the DPM Epoxy Resin, The anti slip screed was installed on Monday morning. And sealed on Monday evening. The resin beach was allowed to cure all day Tuesday and was back in action on Wednesday lunchtime.

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