Epoxy Coatings are perfect when you want a strong, hygienic, easy to clean floor that looks good but don’t need the thickness of a full resin screed.  These can be applied as top layer to almost any surface, including concrete floors, pump screeds, tarmac, asphalt, wood and metal.

Self -Levelling Resin Flooring is different from the resin coatings in so far as it is much thicker and therefore longer lasting than coatings. It is ideal when you want a perfectly smooth floor in a laboratory or ‘clean-room’ environment.

We provide a range of flooring options suitable for catering sites and food factories. Our extensive experience within the food industry means we will be able to suggest flooring products that suit your specific environment and enable you to fulfil health and safety and operational requirements.

Hard wearing, decorative and seamless flooring, suitable for heavy duty commercial areas. These screeds are a combination of clear resin and coloured quartz aggregates. This system is often found in foyers of colleges and open areas with very high foot fall.

One of our most popular systems is our anti-slip coatings due to health and safety concerns.

Anti-slip can be incorporated into any resin floor coating using clear aggregate. It is sealed into the resin so floor can still be easily cleaned.  We can add extra aggregate to resin being used on step edges and ramps.

Industrial Pumped Screeds are a great option for resurfacing and repairing old or damaged industrial flooring as it’s very strong and also quick to lay. It can be a wearing surface or can be topped by a resin coating for a hygienic and attractive floor surface.

A vacuum shot blast is used to remove an existing coating on a floor and to create a keyed profile to the existing smooth floor. The blast machine is a driven walk behind specialist piece of equipment. The floor is left with a clean profiled finish which is determined by the client as to their requirements.

Diamond Grinding is used when a thicker coating, layer of adhesive, or a thick layer of debris needs to be removed from a floor surface prior to the application of a resin coating, SL or Screed.

Our fast-drying safety lines system – unique in the UK – gives you non-food tainting demarcation lines that cures in just two hours. This is a huge improvement on traditional options that take between 18 and 24 hours to cure.

We repair damage in the expansion joints between slabs of concrete flooring. Once you’ve got a problem in an expansion joint, it’s only going to get worse.

Damaged expansion joints are not only a trip hazard, they also cause damage to fork lift trucks so the sooner you fix it the better.

Epoxy mortar repairs are carried out when high strength and shallow depth repairs are needed in a heavily trafficked area. These most commonly occur on concrete floors where the surface has broken up due to fork lift truck traffic and chemical attack in doorways and other such areas.

Industrial Pumped Screeds are very hard and dense surface finishes.  This surface is grouted and impregnated with a surface hardener which gives the surface a stain and chemical resistance.

This system is used in commercial areas where a very high end appearance is required.

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Resin driveways are a combination of clear UV stable resin and natural coloured granite stone. These two items are mixed together in 100kg batches and trowelled down flat onto a tarmac or concrete surface at approx. 18mm thick to form a beautiful hardwearing surface.