What’s the Safest Floor for a Warehouse

A warehouse floor has to be able to put up with a lot. Whether it’s heavy footfall, the use of machinery, vehicles entering and exiting or the vagaries of the weather – your floor has to be tough. Warehouses in particular can be particularly prone to damage and wear. This means that when it is time to choose a new warehouse floor, you need to be confident you are choosing the right one. But what is the best type of floor for a warehouse, and what does it need to do?

What type of floor do I need?

Maintenance Contracts are experts in installing the full range of warehouse floors. We are confident that whatever you throw at it, we can provide the appropriate flooring. We work with both pump screeds and with resin floor systems. Our warehouse floors are appropriate for both  light industrial use and for areas of heavier use. We can also help you with both a full floor rebuild as well as a new surfacing.

What factors are important?

Choosing a warehouse floor means deciding what is important to you. Different types of floors have different properties. Some of them are more appropriate for particular industries than others. Choosing the right warehouse floor means deciding which factors are most important to you.


Some flooring systems are more difficult, or take longer to install than others. This might be because you need to entirely remove the existing floor. It also could be because the flooring system takes longer to dry properly. We can install a resin flooring system over the top of an existing floor. We can also complete a resin pour over a short period of time. Depending on the size of the area, this could even be over night.


Many warehouses are busy places. Heavy footfall and the frequent use of machines and vehicles can be damaging to a floor. A resin floor from Maintenance Contracts is tough enough to take a significant amount of damage. An epoxy-resin floor coating can stand up to significant damage, even in a thin coat.


All floors have a life span. However, they do not all last as long as each other. You will need to replace or repair your floor at some point. This might be sooner if you have a particularly heavy footfall or use a lot of vehicles. An epoxy resin floor from Maintenance Contracts is long lasting, even under serious use. However, they can also easily be repaired or replaced when necessary – without having to tear up the original floor.


If you store particularly sensitive, spoilable or products that in any way need to be kept particularly clean, your warehouse floor needs to prioritise this. Resin floors are sturdy enough that they do not crack easily, and as a result, do not give an opportunity for dirt and germs to accumulate.


If you have a warehouse that is often open to the elements, or one that has a heavy footfall, then you need to reduce the risk of slipping. Epoxy Resin floors are anti-slip and pedestrian friendly. This means that even in areas of heavy footfall, or in poor weather, your warehouse floor can be safe.


Increasingly, warehouses need to match the branding of their companies. From the wall decorations to the flooring itself, warehouses can represent the company itself. Epoxy resin floors from Maintenance Contracts can come in a wide range of colours and styles to match your business’ branding.

Epoxy Resin Warehouse Floors

Maintenance Contracts are experts in supplying and fitting hard wearing, attractive and safe floors. Whether in warehouses, industrial buildings or other commercial settings, we can find you the perfect floor. Whether you choose epoxy resin, a pumped screed or almost any other type of flooring, we can help you out.

Get in touch today to discuss what the right floor might be for you.