What’s the Safest Floor for a Warehouse

When you run a warehouse, your floor can take a beating. Whether it’s forklift traffic across the warehouse floors, heavy machinery, constant foot traffic from your staff, or spills from substances that you carry in your warehouse. Warehouse flooring really needs to hold up. Uneven floors in warehouse environments can cause trips, spills, accidents, and damage both the forklift and the goods in the warehouse. Maintenance Contracts are experts in installing industrial flooring of all types, including helping you find the perfect warehouse floor.

Warehouse floors for different areas

There are a number of common areas in a warehouse that all serve a specific function. Due to safety, operational, and durability requirements, a different warehouse floor may need to be implemented for the different warehouse operations. A few examples might be:

  • Receiving area – Needs durable flooring options for heavy traffic. May require sealants or coatings for easier maintenance.
  • Storage area – Needs flooring that is durable enough for forklifts to drive over, easy to clean, and spill, abrasion, and stain resistant.
  • Packing area – An area with both heavy foot traffic and heavy loads leaving the area on either pallet trucks or forklifts. Requires flooring options that are seamless to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris, and would benefit from chemical resistance in case spills occur.
  • Office Space and Break Area – In this area, you want suitable flooring solutions that allow for comfort and relaxation, while also being easy to clean.

Types of flooring to use in warehouses

For all of these areas, industrial flooring contractors, like Maintenance Contracts, can help provide correct flooring options that suit the area. Industrial flooring contractors that can allow for industrial activities with exceptional durability that can withstand the constant use and constant pedestrian traffic that you find in many warehouses.

  • Receiving area – Polished concrete floors are a durable solid foundation for a receiving area in a warehouse with high traffic areas. Concrete flooring can withstand heavy loads and remain intact with heavy equipment driving over it. Sealants or coatings can be added for excellent resistance to spills and easy cleaning.
  • Storage area – Epoxy resin flooring options are the best for the storage area as they provide a smooth and seamless, spill resistant floor. Epoxy resin floors are cost effectiveness and durable.
  • Packing area – Epoxy resin flooring also works well in packing areas because epoxy resin flooring is hard wearing, has spill and water resistance. Plus its seamless, flat surface reduces trip hazards and prevents the accumulation of dirt and debris.
  • Office Space and Break Area – For an office or break room area, a suitable flooring solution would be vinyl flooring or carpet tiles. These areas need to be distinct from the warehouse space, so they can help improve your staff’s well being and offer a respite.


Warehouse flooring solutions can range depending on the area of the warehouse and between different warehouses. Finding the right warehouse flooring options can be a difficult task, which is why we’re here to help. Maintenance Contracts is an expert in industrial flooring options and since we work with both pump screeds and resin flooring systems, we can provide professional installation of the correct flooring options for your warehouse.

We also provide safety markings on the warehouse floor surfaces to ensure proper operation and workplace safety. Maintenance Contracts line demarcation cures within 2 hours, including safe crossing points in high traffic areas, pathways for forklifts and pedestrians, zebra crossings, and hatched areas that help keep fire exits clear.

We are happy to answer queries and discuss possibilities over the phone and we provide a full, no-obligation survey service resulting in a quote with detailed recommendations as to what would suit your needs best.

If you’d rather, you can also get more info on our Warehouse Flooring on our site.