For over 22 Years, Maintenance Supplies Contracts Ltd. have supplied, installed and maintained commercial resin flooring to the highest standards.

Industrial Flooring Contractors

We install resin floors, pump screeds, and anti-slip flooring for industrial and commercial premises. The industrial flooring solutions from Maintenance Contracts range from stunning slip-resistant floor coverings for public areas to hard-wearing, low-maintenance floor finishes that perform in the most demanding industrial environments.

All industrial resin flooring solutions offered by our experienced team are hygienic, durable, and practical. Resin flooring is increasingly chosen as a cost-effective and functional alternative to bare concrete, paint, or vinyl.

Liquid-pumped screeds can be laid from 5mm up to 50mm and will perform as an industrial-wearing surface that can even withstand forklift trucks. We also repair expansion joints and install line markings both internally and externally.

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Rapid Pumped Screed

Industrial Pumped Screeds are a great option for resurfacing and repairing old or damaged industrial spaces, as they're very strong and quick to lay, minimising the time an area is out of action. It is the only way to get a completely level surface from 5mm to 50mm thick. It can be a wearing surface or can be topped by a resin coating for a hygienic and attractive floor surface.

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Epoxy and Polyurethane Resin Floor Coatings

Epoxy and Polyurethane Coatings are 300 microns to 1mm thick. These can be applied as the top layer to almost any surface, including concrete floors, pump screeds, tarmac, asphalt, wood, and metal. Epoxy flooring systems are not just paints. They are much thicker and tougher than paint. They add a layer of hard-wearing protection to the floor and a wide range of properties suitable for different environments.

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Self Levelling Resin Floors

We lay epoxy and polyurethane resin floor coatings as an SL (self-levelling) screed 2mm to 5mm. These epoxy resin floors are different from the resin coatings in so far as they are much thicker and therefore longer-lasting. Their appearance is that of a much smoother floor surface.

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Resin Floor Screeds

Hard-wearing, decorative, and seamless flooring, suitable for heavy-duty commercial areas. These screeds are a combination of clear resin and coloured quartz aggregates. This system is often found in the foyers of colleges and open areas with very high footfall.

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Polished Concrete Flooring

Industrial Pumped Screeds are very hard and dense surface finishes. If they are then ground and polished, they display a shiny, harder surface finish. This surface is grouted and impregnated with a surface hardener, which gives the surface stain and chemical resistance. This system is used in commercial areas where a very high-end appearance is required.

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Food Factory Flooring

We provide a huge range of flooring options suitable for catering sites, commercial kitchens, and food factories. Our extensive experience within the food industry means we will be able to suggest industrial flooring options that suit your specific environment and enable you to fulfil health and safety and operational requirements.

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Line Marking (Demarcation)

We provide markings for a wide range of applications, including pedestrian walkways, grids, forklift traffic lanes, directional signs, and safety symbols. We are the principal contractor for H&S demarcation lines at several major distribution warehouses, including those owned by Argos. We install line marking both internally and externally.

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Resin Bound Driveways

Resin-bound surfacing and resin-bonded surfacing are often mistaken for the same systems, but they look different, feel different, and provide very different properties.

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Commercial Fencing

We offer a range of fencing and boundary-marking options. Maintenance Contracts is a specialist in fitting all sorts of perimeter borders, from traditional wooden post fencing to modern metal mesh systems. We also offer a full range of doors, gates, and barriers to match any fence style.

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External Line Marking

Commercial premises often need external line marking to demarcate specific areas of flooring. Whether this is marking gangways, parking bays, safety markings, or zebra crossings, we can sort you out. We are specialists in regulation-compliant line markings – with short-term turnaround times.

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Vinyl & LVT

We don’t just specialists in hard floors – we are also experts in commercial carpets, luxury vinyl tiles, and safety flooring. Whether you are flooring an office, commercial building, or even a warehouse, we can help find you a tailored solution. With a range of carpet, vinyl, and LVT flooring partners, we can always find the best floor for you.

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Case Study - Water World Anti-slip Resurfacing

The tiled floor surrounding the pool at Waterworld was becoming very dated. As part of the refurbishment project the owner, Secret Millionaire Mo Chaudry wanted a surface that resembled a beach. After producing various samples the system was created.

Owing to the tight schedule we vacuum shot blasted the surface on Sunday night and applied the DPM Epoxy Resin, The anti slip screed was installed on Monday morning. And sealed on Monday evening. The resin beach was allowed to cure all day Tuesday and was back in action on Wednesday lunchtime.

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