Self-Levelling Resin Floors

Ultra-smooth and ultra-durable. Our self-levelling resin floors present a robust, chemically resistant surface that also offers contaminant and wear resistance in the most demanding industrial environments. This self-smoothing, heavy-duty flowable flooring is available in two finishes: smooth gloss finish and matte finish.

Large area of shiny self levelling resin floor


We lay epoxy and polyurethane resin floor coatings as a self-levelling screed. These self-levelling epoxy flooring systems are different from standard resin coatings in that they are much thicker and therefore, longer-lasting. Their appearance is that of a much smoother and seamless floor surface.

Epoxy Resin Self-Levelling Flooring is the perfect solution for a multitude of heavy-duty applications, including, laboratories, TV studios, operating theatres, safety walkways, area demarcation, electronics manufacturing plants, and forklift truck routes through factories.

The flowable resin flooring is ideal when you want a perfectly smooth floor in a laboratory or a hygienic surface for a ‘clean room’ environment. It comes in any colour desired by the client, and an anti-slip coating can be incorporated. This UV-stable resin screed not only has an aesthetically pleasing, smooth gloss finish but is also highly durable and easy to clean.

MSC featues


  1. Start with a solid prepared surface, this is epoxy primed and then topped with a resin-SL(Self Leveller 2mm to 5mm thick), comprising of two resins and a filler. Hand laid – a thick layer is trowelled on and flattened.
  2. After it’s set, we cut the resin where it covers any expansion joints in the underlying concrete and refill the gaps, to give scope for flexion and prevent cracking.
  3. For an anti-slip resin floor, sand or quartz aggregate is scattered onto the uncured surface of the first layer of coating and allowed to dry. The second coat then encapsulates the anti-slip aggregate, so the surface is easy to clean. Additionally, we use a special anti-slip additive in the coating, which increases slip resistance.


Self-levelling resin floors are available to meet a wide range of technical and decorative specifications. These include:

  • Epoxy or Polyurethane
  • Superfast curing resin systems
  • Chemical resistant flooring
  • Anti-slip flooring
  • Decorative resin flooring
  • Electrical conductivity leakage resistance

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Case Study - Water World Anti-slip Resurfacing

The tiled floor surrounding the pool at Waterworld was becoming very dated. As part of the refurbishment project the owner, Secret Millionaire Mo Chaudry wanted a surface that resembled a beach. After producing various samples the system was created.

Owing to the tight schedule we vacuum shot blasted the surface on Sunday night and applied the DPM Epoxy Resin, The anti slip screed was installed on Monday morning. And sealed on Monday evening. The resin beach was allowed to cure all day Tuesday and was back in action on Wednesday lunchtime.

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