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Hygienic, Ultra-durable and easy to clean. We install commercial and industrial kitchen flooring and food factory flooring around the clock to minimise disruption to your operations.

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We provide a wide range of highly durable commercial kitchen and food production flooring options suitable for catering sites, commercial kitchens, and food factories. Our extensive experience in the food industry means we will be able to suggest flooring materials and products that suit your specific environment.

We can help you offer excellent hygiene standards by providing cost-effective, heavy-duty commercial kitchen floors.

Old-school kitchen flooring, like ceramic tile flooring, natural stone tiles, standard vinyl floors and clay mixture tiles, are prone to the microbial growth of harmful bacteria due to build-up. The out-dated materials of these floors deteriorate and are impossible to repair or clean not only leave permanent marks but also demand a time-consuming process of regular maintenance to adhere to industry standards.

Maintenance Contracts offers commercial kitchen flooring options, such as a Polyurethane Screed polished concrete flooring, that far exceed all ceramic tiles and natural stone tile flooring currently available on the market. Our resin flooring can provide all the slip-resistant, extreme temperature-tolerant, heavy traffic-tolerant, and hard-wearing flooring needs of a busy commercial kitchen. PMMA Polyurethane Screed resin flooring is the best safety flooring option that complements the unique characteristics of commercial kitchen flooring while being extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Our flooring experts are capable and equipped to handle your whole job from start to finish. We can remove the worn-out materials of existing floors and prepare substrate surfaces in addition to installing new screeds and coatings. We can handle dust-free environments with ease, using the latest vacuum-assisted equipment that traps dust as we work. If you can only give us a short window to work in, that’s no problem – we’ll work overnight and on weekends to get the job done. Polyurethane Resin Screed Concrete flooring is a cost-effective option, easily installed and delivers a highly durable floor that can withstand high temperatures and severe impacts.

For food factories and commercial kitchens, the thicker polyurethane resin screeds (9mm) are a popular choice. These are ideal for areas where you need to steam clean. For commercial kitchen flooring, a thinner system at 6mm coating is often sufficient. Both screeds and coatings provide a tough and durable anti-slip finish. You can also include polyurethane coving to give the floor-to-wall joint a hygienic, cleanable finish and to stop food debris from getting trapped in corners.

MSC featues


  • Able to resist extreme temperatures and withstand spillages of hot fat, oil, and boiling water with no problem.
  • Resistant to aggressive cleaning chemicals, making them easy to keep clean and hygienic.
  • Anti-bacterial – microbiological swab testing finds it does not harbour bacteria or anything that shouldn’t be there.
  • Low-odour and solvent-free, safe for application in food areas.
  • Slip-resistant surface – the undulating profile grips footwear and minimises fall risks by providing slip resistance even when floors get wet and greasy.
  • Non dusting.
  • Non-taint.
  • Low-temperature curing the best flooring option for chilled storage areas.
  • Available in bright colours. Different coloured PU Resin floors help zone food preparation areas (e.g., green for cold food storage and prep; red for cooking areas) and also make it easy to spot dropped food so it can be quickly cleared.

Give your old laminate flooring, vinyl flooring or ceramic tile flooring a makeover.

We are happy to answer queries and discuss possibilities over the phone, and we provide a full, no-obligation survey service resulting in a quote with detailed recommendations as to what would suit your needs best.

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Case Study - Water World Anti-slip Resurfacing

The tiled floor surrounding the pool at Waterworld was becoming very dated. As part of the refurbishment project the owner, Secret Millionaire Mo Chaudry wanted a surface that resembled a beach. After producing various samples the system was created.

Owing to the tight schedule we vacuum shot blasted the surface on Sunday night and applied the DPM Epoxy Resin, The anti slip screed was installed on Monday morning. And sealed on Monday evening. The resin beach was allowed to cure all day Tuesday and was back in action on Wednesday lunchtime.

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