Case Study #13

Sonoco Case Study

What they needed

Sonoco are a food packaging company. Any business that deals with food stuffs – at any scale – needs to prioritise hygiene. Larger food based businesses need to ensure that they can do so in a way that also includes durability. Sonoco needed a flooring system that was both hard wearing and easy to keep clean.

warehouse flooring


What we did

Maintenance Supplies Contracts competed for and won the contract to install the system. We consulted with Sonoco on what they needed their flooring to do, and how they needed it to be installed. This consisted of vacuum shot blasting the whole area, to create a basic level surface to build upon. We then applied a special 2-3mm Self Smoothing blue resin. This needed to be trowelled into place. Because there is so much flooring at Sonoco, we only worked on a small area initially. The plan is to install the same resin system across the factory and create yellow walkways to keep pedestrians and fork lift trucks apart.

warehouse flooring


Client Feedback

The job was completed in time and within budget to a satisfactory standard.

blue resin flooring