Case Study #6

Kwik Fit Refurbishment Case Study

What they needed

The Kwik Fit Group has been bought out by a Chinese conglomerate and is undergoing a refurbishment programme. This involves new flooring to reflect the upgraded image they want to portray. The major problem is that the branches need to be open from 8am through to 6pm seven days per week.

What we did

MSC moved in and set up the vacuum shot blaster to strip off the old floor surface in 40 minutes. We then applied the super-fast curing resin system in a red colour with yellow & black lines to highlight different areas of the service bays. Some areas needed levelling with a pump screed product as the floor was so uneven. In these areas the process was undertaken over two nights. To date a number of different branches have been re-furbed from Southampton to the North of England.

Client Feedback

The job was completed in time and within budget to a satisfactory standard.