Case Study #3

Walker Instore Case Study

What they needed

Walker Instore is a large printing company. They specialise in printing cardboard advertising posters – the type you see in places like department stores. These can be up to 3 meters wide. Their workshop relies upon specialised printers, some of which need to be set completely flat. A new printing machine was due to arrive, which had this requirement. Walker Instore realised that their existing flooring was nowhere near flat – some of it was so uneven that it differed up to 140mm in height between different areas of the floor. They needed the flooring to become level before their printer arrived – with only 4 days to level around 100 square meters of floor.

making the floor surface flat


What we did

Maintenance contracts needed to measure the floor accurately to be able to determine how to level it properly. This required setting datums to create a virtual flat surface, via  a grid of screw head. Doing this allowed us to determine how best to level out the surface. We decided upon a high strength screed, and 14 tonnes were pumped and levelled to the datumed grid of screw heads that we had determined. This created a flooring surface that had a level of =/-2mm from one end of the room to another. The screed that we had chosen only took 3 hours to set and dry – so the printing machine was successfully able to be installed on the level surface it needed.

making the floor surface flat


Client Feedback

The job was completed in time and within budget to a satisfactory standard.