Case Study #3

Walker Instore Case Study

What they needed

Walker Instore are a large printing company who specialise in printing large cardboard advertising posters seen in department stores and are up to 3 meters wide. A new printing machine was due to arrive when they realised the floor area where it was due to be set up was so uneven it was nearly 140mm lower in some areas than other areas. They had 4 days to re-level 100 square meters of floor.

What we did

MSC laser measured the floor area and set datums to create a virtual flat surface at a grid of ‘screw heads’.

14 tonnes of a high strength screed were then pumped in and levelled to the grid of datumed screw heads to create a floor surface =/- 2mm from end to end. The screed set within 3 hours and the printing machine was installed successfully.

Client Feedback

The job was completed in time and within budget to a satisfactory standard.