Case Study #16

Hospice Case Study

What they needed

Maintenance Contracts worked with a hospice to refurbish an area outside. Due to the range of people who might be using the outside area, they needed the flooring system to fulfil a variety of needs. The flooring had to be both attractive and stand up to potentially poor weather. They also needed to make sure that the floor was anti-slip so as not to risk the health of the patients.

before picture of hospice flooring


What we did

Due to the existing flooring system, we needed to entirely remove what was already there. This required us to diamond grind the existing floor down to a smooth base layer. Then, we installed a resin and stone system to provide a layer that was both visually appealing, and anti-slip even in poor weather. We completed this task within a day, and everything was set by the following morning.

After picture of hospice flooring


Client Feedback

The job was completed in time and within budget to a satisfactory standard.

after picture of hospice flooring