Case Study #11

Transport Depot Case Study

What they needed

This Transport Depot needed a floor surface that could stand up to its business, while maintaining an attractive appearance. The depot maintains and repairs wagons and vans. This means that their floor was in receipt of significant use and heavy weight at all times, and could be potentially affected by oil spillages. They needed a hard wearing, durable and attractive flooring surface. The transport depot flooring was busy, and did not have the time for there to be a significant halt in work. As a result, we needed to complete our work over one weekend.

flooring before resin was put on


What we did

Maintenance Contracts had competition to win the transport depot’s business. We needed to prove that we were not only capable of installing a new floor, but also of helping the depot to decide on the right flooring system for them. We decided that the whole area needed to be vacuum blasted to reduce the previous floor, and smooth out the area in preparation for the new flooring. Then we applied a multi-coloured epoxy resin system. We chose this because it would be hard wearing, anti-slip and resistant to oil spills.

finished product of resin on the floor


Client Feedback

We completed the renovation job over one weekend. The transport depot flooring was able to re-open, with the new floor already able to stand up to whatever the trucks and wagons could throw at it. This was completed within budget and at a very satisfactory standard.