Case Study #40

John Port School Case Study

What They Needed

John Port is a school in Derbyshire. After some inclement weather, the Dining Room had flooded and the old wooden floor had burst open. The sprung concrete floor below had two serious fracture cracks in it where it had broken its back. This was dangerous and needed quick fixing by Maintenance Contracts.

Old wooden floor has burst open.


What We Did

Maintenance Supplies Contracts carried out the flowing repair and reinstatement project.

  1. Vacuum shot blasted the concrete to get a new clean surface.
  2. Resin injected and filled the cracks to stitch the slab back together.
  3. Fibre reinforce over the cracks.
  4. Pump a Weber fibre reinforced screed over the whole floor from 10mm to 30mm thick to level the floor.
  5. Apply an epoxy resin (RSL) and flake (Pitaway) system.
  6. Add a red 200mm flake/resin line to direct the dinner queues.
  7. Apply a mat polyurethane finish to the grey flake area.
  8. The upper stage area and the steps were also refurbished at the same time in the flake system.


Added a red 200mm flake/resin(RSL) and flake (Pitaway) system


Client Feedback

The project has been completed in the Summer Holidays thereby not disrupting the school meals.