Case Study #27

Harvey Nichols Case Study

What they needed

The Harvey Nichols Restaurant on the third floor of the OXO Building on the banks of the Thames in London had problems with their kitchen floor where cracks had appeared and the existing resin screed appeared to be lifting. The access times were so restrictive that the repairs had to be done out of hours and allow the kitchen to re-open soon afterwards.

Before we even started



What we did

MSC (Maintenance Supplies Contracts Ltd) used vacuum assisted cutters and grinders to cut out the damaged floor and prepare the surface below to receive a new screed. These machines are dust free so can be used in active food production situations. MSC then installed a 9mm resin screed system to marry up with the existing floor either side. The kitchen was soon open afterwards.

After using the vacuum assisted cutters and grinders


Client Feedback

The job was completed in time and within budget to a satisfactory standard.

Fixed the damage floor by using resin screed to marry up to the existing floor so it is flat.