Case Study #15

Iron Mountain Case Study

What they needed

Iron Mountain are a national recycling company. They had won the contract to manage waste from the 2012 Olympic Games in London, and needed to make sure that they could handle it. They already believed that their current floor would not be sufficient to complete the work they had agreed to. However, after an inspection, the floor had partially collapsed already. This needed to be completely rebuilt, as the recycling work would require 20 tonne diggers to be able to pass over the area safely.

new flooring being made


What we did

First on our list of priorities was to rebuild the collapsed floor area. We had to complete this first, before we could complete the new flooring system above. We decided upon a 10mm screed. We fitted a high density screed, so that the area would be both very strong, and remain dust free. We needed to complete the job quickly, and in a difficult situation. The premises was on the banks of the Thames, and the work had to be completed before the start of the Olympics in a few days.

new flooring being made


Client Feedback

The job was completed in time and within budget to a satisfactory standard.

new flooring for Iron mountain