Case Study #17

Motor Trade Case Study

What they needed

Maintenance Contracts worked with a vehicle maintenance unit. They had an existing flooring system that they were not happy with. As we examined the flooring system, we discovered that it had been incorrectly laid.  This lead to an uneven surface with holes and lumps covering much of the surface. We realised that we would have to remove the entirety of the existing surface to be able to reach the standards needed. The client needed a safe working environment, that could be both up to VOSA Standards and still be easy to maintain. We discussed a range of motor trade flooring options with them.

flooring that has been incorrectly laid by others


What we did

We first needed to entirely remove the old, incorrectly applied motor trade flooring system. We needed to complete this in two stages. First, we used a diamond grinder to remove the worst of the lumps. Then, we used a standard vacuum shot blaster to level the surface out entirely. When the floor was ready, we used an industrial resin mortar to level it out. Then we applied two layers or light blue resin coating, along with an anti-slip aggregate. For reasons of workplace safety, as well as to comply with VOSA regulations, we applied an exacting series of black and yellow flooring markings, to demarcate both reversing lines and pit edge warnings.


New flooring system for Motor Trade


Client Feedback

The job was completed in time and within budget to a satisfactory standard.

New flooring system for Motor Trade