Case Study #1

Caterpillar Case Study

What they needed

At caterpillar there are many different flooring problems that arise. The heavy duty nature of the business means the floors get massive wear and tear. The nature of what’s being transported about means there are a lot of oils spillages that get moved around the floor. This can lead to a hazardous surface requiring attention.

What we did

MSC routinely resurface areas of flooring. All flooring jobs are carried out at the weekend so as not to interfere with normal production. The first job is the vacuum shot blast the floor surface to get down to non-oil-contaminated concrete. This has to be done as close to the existing machinery as possible as seen in the pictures. Where excess oil is present we use an oil tolerant primer so that the subsequent resin systems have excellent adhesion to the floor surface. In walkways and forklift truck areas there needs to be clear demarcation between walking areas and fork lift truck areas. Where these meet there needs to be zebra crossings. In lathe areas where there is a lot of oily swarf created MSC installs a Grip-Seal ‘Re-Grip’ system which incorporates anti-slip aggregates to make the area safe to walk on and work in.

Client Feedback

The job was completed in time and within budget to a satisfactory standard.