Case Study #42

Warehouse Floors Expansion Joints Case Study

What They Needed

Within a large multi-national distribution centre there were deteriorating expansion joints within the isles.

The problem was exacerbated by the fact the distribution centre was working 6 days a week.

There were mounting costs due to injury claims for sprained wrists and truck damage to wheels and bearings

Man fixing deteriorating expansion joints

What We Did

Maintenance Supplies Contracts carried out the flowing repair and reinstatement project.

We removed the existing carpet to reveal the floor,  then prepared a new sound substrate in preparation for the new floor.

A252 steel reinforcing mesh was supplied and laid then 160m3 of C35 concrete (30 wagon loads) was poured in a single day.

During the night the slab was power floating with two ‘ride on’ machines. 226 linear meters of expansion joints were cut with a floor saw to provide a perfect medium for our client to deliver a highly durable floor within the logistics industry.

Fixed deteriorating expansion joints




Client Feedback

The client was happy with their new floor, particularly that it was completed during the night without disrupting work.