Case Study #18

Billing Aquadrome Case Study

What they needed

Maintenance Contracts were contacted by Billing Aquadrome, a leisure park near Northampton. They had many years of success, running a holiday destination. However, some of their facilities had started to look a little dated. The pool area had started to deteriorate, and show the concrete below the original flooring system. The colours had faded, and the surface had become ingrained with a deep layer of dirt that could not easily be cleaned. Worse that this, the quartz and resin surface was starting to peel, which was showing the concrete. As the pool could only be closed for a short period of time in January, we had to be able to complete our renovation while annual maintenance was taking place.

Before product of the flooring for Billing aquadrome


What we did

MSC Suggested a Flowfast Quartz product to re-surface in two colours for the different areas. To install this we first had to remove the existing surface with diamond grinders and flat bladed jack-hammers. All the equipment had to be vacuum assisted to eliminate dust and keep debris out of the pool. We then infilled holes and joints to create a smooth flat surface before installing a multi-layered resin and coloured quartz system. An MMA Resin was used as it cures in 20 minutes when mixed and applied. This enables many coats to be applied in a day reducing the down-time.

After product of the flooring for Billing Aquadrome


Client Feedback

The job was completed in time and within budget.