Case Study #9

Cambridge Commodities Case Study

What they needed

Cambridge Commodities is a major supplier of nutritional ingredients and product solutions to a number of industries – including sports nutrition, food and drinks, animal nutrition and the health industry. Due to the nature of the industry that Cambridge Commodities are involved in, they need to be able to keep some parts of their factory clean and sterile. In particular, they needed a clean room environment for around 150m2 of two packing rooms. They also needed hard wearing corridors for around 100m2 of flooring and six areas of changing rooms. As a busy business, Cambridge Commodities needed all of this flooring to be completed over one weekend.

man using machine to scrub the floor



What we did

Cambridge Commodities needed a variety of flooring systems – however all of them had similar requirements in mind. They needed flooring that could be hard wearing, easily cleaned and suitable for heavy use. We decided that all of the flooring systems needed to start on a stable and level layer. This needed us to diamond grind all the existing floor areas to remove the old coatings, without creating a dusty mess. Then, the corridors and changing rooms received a 2-coat system in a light green Grip-seal HB Resin. The clean room areas needed a different type of flooring system – a 3mm self smoothing epoxy resin screed. This needed to be completed over the weekend so as not to disrupt the company’s work schedule too greatly.

New corridor flooring at Cambridge Commodities



Client Feedback

Maintenance Contracts managed to install all three areas of flooring over the weekend, and Cambridge Commodities were able to re-open as usual on the Monday morning. The owner of Cambridge Commodities was very satisfied with the work done, and had the following to say “Thank you for the hard work by your team over the weekend, the floor looks brilliant.”