Case Study #31

Epoxy Resin Warehouse Floor

What they needed

A busy warehouse and distribution centre in the Midlands needed to resurface their 2,000m2 premises. It was important for the client to keep business as usual as much as possible, while also clearly installing safety protocols to keep pedestrians away from fork lift truck traffic.

Pale warehouse flooring pre epoxy resin warehouse floor


What we did

Thorough preparation is essential for a smooth and durable floor finish. First the floor was vacuum shot blasted to get the old worn paint off, using a dust-free blast machine. This is a fantastic method for speeding up the installation process, as a large-scale clean-up is not necessary; due to this it can also be used in food production and pharmaceutical settings.

Fitting epoxy resin floor in a warehouse


We then applied 2 coats of high-build, fast-curing epoxy resin, which offers a durable finish to almost any surface. Following this, walkways were installed to keep the pedestrians away from the fork lift truck traffic.

White epoxy resin floor in a warehouse



Client feedback

The client was extremely happy with the finished flooring, service level and quick turnaround time.

Green line marking on grey flooring