What sort of floors do Garages Need?

When you run a garage, your floor can take a beating. Vehicles, people and substances can all damage your floor, and cause you both expense and headaches. Automotive Garage floors are often subjected to a range of difficulties, from frequent heavy abrasion from vehicles, to spillages of dangerous chemicals and liquids, such as petrol and tyre chemicals. Maintenance Contracts are experts in installing industrial flooring of all types – including helping garages find the perfect flooring for their industry.

Garage Floors for Different Areas

There are multiple areas of interest in the average garage. Not all of them are necessarily suitable for the same flooring system. Garage flooring might include:

  • MOT bays and inspection pits – Floors need to be resistant to spillages of chemicals and oil when vehicles are undergoing inspection.
  • Circulation Areas – Vehicles moving around can exert pressure and cause damage to many types of floor.
  • Customer Waiting Areas – Customers need to be able to wait somewhere clean and comfortable.
  • Vehicle bays – Vehicle bays need to be clearly demarcated with lines that are understood by all.

Types of Flooring to Use on Garages

Many garages will have traditional concrete floors. However, these flooring systems are often actually unsuitable for garages. Once concrete is damaged, it can be hard to repair, and worsens over time. Pumped screed floors can be hard wearing, but are not as easy to clean as some other types of flooring.

Epoxy Resin Flooring for Garages

Our clearest recommendation is to use epoxy resin floors for Automotive Garage floors. Epoxy resin floors can stand up to heavy duty use – making them perfect for high footfall and vehicle use areas. They are especially easy to clean, as they are impervious to grease, oil and fuel spillages. Our epoxy resin floors are easy to install, being often possible to install over one or two nights. They are also as easy to repair and maintain. Where a traditional floor might need significant work to repair a small broken or damaged section, an epoxy resin garage floor only needs minimal work to repair.

Epoxy Resin Flooring from Maintenance Contracts

We are experts in installing and maintaining epoxy resin floor systems at all sorts of businesses. We believe that epoxy floors are suitable for many types of industrial flooring, not just for automotive garage flooring. We install a range of industrial flooring types, and can customise your epoxy resin floor to meet your needs. We offer anti-slip safety epoxy resin floors, as well as safety line marking to ensure that your automotive garage flooring is clearly organised for everyone’s safety.

Maintenance Contracts are experts in helping all sorts of industries find the right industrial flooring for them. Garage floors need to be right for the industry. That’s why we provide high quality service and installation to make sure that you get the right floor for you. We can talk you through the advantages or disadvantages of each flooring type, and get you a quote.

If you’d rather, you can also get more info on our Automotive Garage Flooring on our site.