How hard wearing is Epoxy Resin Flooring?

Floors that are used a lot need to be able to take a lot. If you have a factory, a warehouse or a workshop with a high traffic area, your floor is likely to suffer from gradual damage and wear. Traditional concrete floors can be damaged by heavy machinery, as well as by frequent use. Modern flooring systems, like Epoxy Resin is hard wearing, easy to install and flexible enough for almost any kind of industrial flooring.

What is Epoxy Resin?

All resin flooring is a type of plastic surface made up of a synthetic resin and a hardener. Epoxy resin is the most common type of resin flooring. It is made up of Epichlorohydrin (a type of epoxy), and amine (a hardener).

Durable Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resin is hard wearing – enough to stand up to almost any degree of use. Epoxy Resin is applied like a very thick coat of paint. However, it is much thicker than regular paint, and much more hard wearing. As a result, it can stand up to heavy use for years.


Epoxy resin flooring systems can be used in a wide variety of situations, and are applicable to a large range of types of businesses. It is particularly popular for places that have heavy traffic or frequent use of machinery. These might be warehouses, processing plants or printing houses. Due to the surface’s cleanliness and reliability, it is also popular among places that need to be frequently cleaned, such as bakeries, dairies and breweries.

Easy to Apply

One of Epoxy resin’s strengths is its ease of application. This type of flooring system can be applied in most locations, and does not often need much preparation before application. At Maintenance Contracts, we are experts in applying Epoxy Resin flooring systems over all sorts of foundations. Even if you have had a previous flooring system that needs to be removed, we can clear the way for a new epoxy replacement.

Safe & Hygienic

Epoxy flooring systems are not just hard wearing, they are also very hygienic. They are suitable for all sorts of locations where cleanliness is particularly important. This is because they are very easy to clean. The resin flooring is resistant to bacteria, and is difficult for dirt and debris to stick to. This makes an epoxy resin floor easy to sanitise for kitchens, or food processing areas.

Variable appearance

Resin flooring is not just flexible and hard wearing. It can also be styled to match your business and branding. With a wide variety of colour options, Epoxy Resin can be a stylish flooring solution, that gives new life to a room.

Environmentally Friendly

Producing epoxy resin coating does not cause as much damage to the environment as many types of flooring systems do. The materials used are not as harmful as those in other systems. Equally, the chemicals that are needed to clean a resin system are not as harmful to the environment as those for other systems.

Installations with Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance Contracts are industry experts in installing a range of industrial flooring systems. We do not just offer Epoxy Resin flooring, but pumped screeds, polyurethane floors and more. At Maintenance Contracts, we work with you to discuss and identify what the right type of floor is for you. We analyse what you need your flooring to do, and what your system needs to offer you. Whether you have a factory floor that needs to stand up to heavy machinery, or a veterinarian’s practice that needs easy cleaning, we can help you find the right floor.


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