Is a Pumped Screed Floor Right for Me?

Industrial floors have different set of requirements than any other type of floor. They need to be strong, hard wearing, long lasting and easy to repair. Different types of industries may also have specific requirements that their floors need to meet. Making sure that your floor meets the standards you have can be difficult – especially at an affordable price point. Pumped screed floors have many of the advantages that other types of industrial floors can offer, with few of the disadvantages.  They also come in at a very reasonable price. So, are pumped screed floors right for your business?

What is screed?

A screed is a broad term. Roughly, it means a thin top layer of a material that is laid over the top of a concrete sub-floor. This is often made of sharp sand and cement, similar to concrete, however it can also be made of a coarser aggregate. A screed is applied over structural flooring, such as concrete, or on top of insulating materials and pipes. Concrete is similar to a screed, however it is generally made of much coarser aggregates, with more hard-core.

How is pumped screed different?

Pumped screed is a finer, though no less strong alternative to traditional screeds. When we apply this type of screed, we pump a mixture of fine powder – usually Weber screed for most jobs – along with a liquid across the floor. This can be pumped between 2mm and 50mm, making it an option for a much wider range of flooring jobs than a traditional screed. Pumped screeds, as opposed to traditional screed floors, can be laid completely level. They are also much quicker to set than other screeds. Some can be set in less than 2 hours, and ready for a forklift truck in four hours.

What are the uses of pumped screed?

Pumped screeds are appropriate for a wide range of uses. However, they are most often used in industrial areas with lots of heavy duty foot and vehicle traffic. Pumped screed is most suitable for high-performance, durable and level floor finish. They can easily be covered with an epoxy resin layer after they have set – meaning that they can also be perfect for hygienic and easily cleaned flooring systems. These floors are used in food preparation, or in any industries that deal with potentially hazardous or messy materials and substances.

Why choose pumped screed?

Pumped screeds have a wide range of potential uses and advantages. Choosing a pumped screed might suit your business for any of the following reasons:

  • Cost – they are an extremely cost effective option.
  • Non-dusting – suitable for many types of machinery.
  • Forklift friendly – appropriate for all sorts of heavy use and traffic.
  • Attractive – options for polish, colour and resin coating are great for customer focused businesses.
  • Markable – floor markings can easily be applied, making them suitable for pedestrian friendly areas.


To learn more about pumped screed floors, get in touch today. We are happy to talk you through the different types of floors available to you, and help you decide the right type for you.