Save Money with Epoxy Flooring

Businesses love to save money. Whether it is more cost effective procedures, money saving products or better equipment, businesses are always keen to find ways to save money on their expenses. However, how many businesses might have considered every possible way to save money on their business premises? Have you considered whether your floor is saving you money?

Hard Wearing and Long Lasting

Some floors are harder wearing and longer lasting than others. Floors in industrial buildings can often face heavy use and potential damage. They often need to stand up to footfall, vehicle use and even industrial machinery. This means that they can be easily damaged. A damaged floor needs to be repaired or even replaced. This costs money. A major way to save money on your industrial flooring is to get flooring that can put up with whatever you throw at it. Epoxy Resin Flooring is capable of standing up to heavy use, without being damaged. This saves you money over the years, as you don’t need to repair or replace it for a longer period of time.

Easy to Install

Many types of flooring are very disruptive to install. They require a total halt to work in the area where they are being installed, as all the equipment and material need to be removed. They can also take a long time to cure or set – meaning that the area of flooring is out of action for a long period of time. However, not all flooring systems need a complete cessation of work. Epoxy Resin Flooring systems can be installed entirely over night, and will be set when you return to work the next day.

Cheap Repairs

When you chip or damage an area of a hard floor like concrete, you are left with an area of damage. This area cannot simply be infilled with the same material that the floor was initially made from without needing to remove a greater area of flooring. This means more work, more labour to pay for and a greater cost. However, Epoxy Resin Floors can be easily repaired without much expense. As this type of floor is poured over the surface, it can easily be re-poured over any damaged area to seamlessly fix the issue.

Simple Cleaning

Industrial flooring can get really dirty. This is due to the greater strains and messes that it faces in day to day usage. Cleaning off these stains – be they oil, chemical or simply everyday messes can take a lot of effort and products to achieve. However, an Epoxy Resin floor takes much less effort and fewer cleaning products to clean. Many stains and spills can be cleaned with as little as soap and water. Expensive cleaning products are unnecessary with almost all types of spills – meaning you save money in the long run.

Epoxy Resin Floors by Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance Contracts are experts in applying a wide range of industrial flooring. We have worked with a huge range of different types of businesses, and have sourced appropriate floors for all sorts of industrial uses. Whether you need an Epoxy Floor, or you might be better served by a different type of flooring, we can help you out. Get in touch today, and let’s discuss how your new floor could help save you money.