Case Study #36

Amy’s Kitchen Case Study

What They Needed

Amy’s Kitchen needed to ensure that their working environment was safe for both people and vehicles. There was a concern that the flooring area inside the loading dock doors was a potentially hazardous area. This was because both stacker trucks and pedestrians use the floor and when weather conditions are wet the floor becomes slippy. This could lead to accidents so the management instructed resurfacing work to the existing green flooring in specific areas.


What We Did

Maintenance Contracts needed to make sure that the new flooring system was marked and installed efficiently, without interfering with work schedules. MSC marked the areas to be done and vacuum shot blasted the floor in these areas. They then applied a multi-layered resin system incorporating anti-slip aggregate. This was all done over the weekend so it didn’t interfere with production and at a cost of around £3,500.00


Client Feedback