Case Study #33

Asgard Engineering Case Study

What They Needed

Asgard Engineering is a specialist manufacturer of precision engineering parts. They specialise in CNC precision turned and CNC machined parts for a range of industries – including the nuclear, aerospace and food industries. Due to the specialism and technical difficulty involved in their manufacturing processes, there was a degree of oil contamination on their existing floors. Asgard Engineering needed a floor that could stand up to potential future oil contamination, as well as be easily cleaned. The floor had to be anti-slip, and look clean enough for when visitors were present in the factory.

Asgard Engineering's floor before renovation


What We Did

Setting up the new flooring system took a little preparation. Due to the presence of oil contamination, we needed to mechanically abrade the surface. This was done to remove as much oil and dirt as possible, so that the new flooring system could be laid without any contamination. After the area was cleaned and prepared, we applied an oil tolerant primer. This meant that the area would be ready for the anti-slip resin topcoat. It would also stand up to future potential oil contamination.


The floor at Asgard Engineering after renovation


Client Feedback

The client was happy with the finish and effectiveness of the new flooring system that we designed for them. Their staff were much happier with the anti-slip flooring system, and management were more satisfied with the appearance. They said ‘Asgard Engineering are much happier working in an environment where the workplace looks clean and professional’.