Case Study #19

UV Lines Case Study

What they needed

In almost every industrial environment there’s a need for demarcation lines to keep pedestrians and fork lift trucks apart. However there are invariable time limitations as where the floor cannot be occupied for days on end allowing standard resins and paints to cure and dry.

  • Floor areas cannot be out of use for long periods of time.
  • You cannot have cable plugged into power points and trailing across live floor isles.
  • There can be no unpleasant smells from different types of resin and paint.
  • Lines are often required in low temperature cold stores where normal line marking products don’t cure.

Man using a machine on the floor


What we did

Maintenance Supplies Contracts install UV light line marking resin system. This entails the normal prep and marking out with tape but the resin cures instantly with a UV Light machine. This system is massively robust as there is a coat of primer, two coats of colour and a coat of sealer, all cured instantly with the UV light. The power is supplied buy our own gas powered generator which runs on the same gas as a fork lift truck. This way there are no trailing cables outside the moving working area. The resin has no smell and will work at temperatures down to -20. The result is a bright and strong line that is totally sealed. The surface is resilient, cleanable and strong.

Man using a machine on the floor


Client Feedback

The job was completed in time and within budget to a satisfactory standard.

After product of the job for UV lines