Case Study #7

Dorchester Hotel Case Study

What they needed

The floor in a kitchen of the Dorchester Hotel was tired and in need of refurbishment. As a vinyl covering there were issues where wear had broken through and around the joins there were weak points that needed attention. The problem was the floor area could only be accessed from Sunday night through to Tuesday morning. They needed to get production going on the Tuesday meaning the kitchen was only shut for one day.

What we did

MSL started the work on the Sunday night and stripped the area clear. We then diamond ground the concrete to get a clean surface and applied a fast curing pumped screed to level any low areas and infill any holes and cracks. We then installed the cove detail between a steel trim on the wall and onto the floor surface. This enabled us to install the floor resin screed up to the steel trim before the cove had cured and we were able to clear the site by midnight Monday night. The whole resin floor and cove then cured through the night and was safe to walk on Tuesday morning.

Client Feedback

The job was completed in time and within budget to a satisfactory standard. The management and catering staff were delighted with the result.