Case Study #7

Dorchester Hotel Case Study

What they needed

The Dorchester Hotel’s kitchen floor was aging, and in need of a thorough refurbishment. It was also still a thoroughly used part of the hotel, and could not be unusable for any significant period of time. They had previously had a vinyl covering across the kitchen floor. This had resulted in wear and tear between parts of the vinyl, as well as creating some weak points at the joints. The kitchen had to be accessible at all points between Tuesday morning and Sunday evening. As a result, we needed to ensure that all of our work was done in the short period of time available to us.

old flooring


What we did

On Sunday evening, we needed to quickly strip the area of the kitchen to allow access to the floor. When clear, we used a diamond grinder to reduce the concrete surface down to a clean and level surface. When this was complete, we applied a fast curing pumped screed to level out the floor areas, as well as to fill in any holes and cracks. After this, we were able to install the cove detail between the steel trim on the wall, as well as onto the floor surface itself. We were then able to install the floor resin screed, using the steel trim as a marker. We poured the floor resin screed up to this mark before the cove had cured. The site was clear by Monday night – it was then able to cure overnight, meaning it was finished and dry by Tuesday morning.

After product of the new flooring


Client Feedback

The job was completed in time and within budget to a satisfactory standard. The management and catering staff were delighted with the result.