Case Study #38

Printworks Case Study

What They Needed

Over the Christmas period Maintenance Contracts Ltd were asked to provide a solution for some flooring difficulties that were being experienced at a printing works in Derbyshire. The concrete substrate was cracking in places and dust was getting into the printing presses from the floor surface. There also needed to be a safe surface for fork lift truck traffic in the event of a liquid spill onto the floor


What We Did

The solution: a polyurethane self-levelling resin system.


Maintenance Supplies Contracts first vacuum shot blasted the existing concrete substrate. Then, on the same day, remedial repairs were done to the cracks and holes in the surface that had appeared using and epoxy mortar. One the floor is flat and structurally repaired, it was coated in an epoxy primer. Over the following 3 days the 3mm matt Polyurethane Resin was trowel onto the surface amounting to an area of over 6000ft2.


Client Feedback

The client were satisfied with the installation – particularly the speed of installation and the handling of the potentially difficult installation.